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Shape Radar...kinda

This project was created after seeing this animation
posted by my friend @eugenekolo.

I thought, I bet I could do that.
Then I thought, I bet I could do that, for any arbitrary shape.
Then I did, yeahhhhhhhh.

Powered by HTML5 Canvas, JS, and the interwebs and stuff.
If you find bugs or particularly bad code let me know or something.


Step 1, Cut a hole in the box....
Just kidding

  1. Use a browser...*
  2. Draw a shape in the box on the left
  3. Click in the same box to place a "center"
  4. Click animate to animate
  5. Mess around with the options to mess around with some options


Grid Lines:        
Line width:   3
Speed:      3
* Hold shift for straight edges in free draw

*because I am lazy.
Doesn't work with mobile/tablet because they don't register mouseup/down/move same as browser (afaik).
Not tested with IE.